King Kai Productions was founded by actor/producer Rochelle Vallese. King Kai Productions produced and successfully obtained worldwide distribution of their first sci-fi thriller LOST TIME. Rochelle had a hand in every aspect of the films production including actor and even writing two of the vocal tracks for the movie. Rochelle was honored with the Grace Kelly Best Actor award at the West Coast Film Festival for her role in the film. LOST TIME was also selected to be the opening film at the London Sci-Fi film festival. 


King Kai Productions has optioned the rights for the documentary based on the life events of Sherry Wilde author of The Forgotten Promise. This story is based on true events that occur from 1958 until present day of one woman’s life-long interactions with extraterrestrial beings from another world and her journey to go beyond fear to find meaning and purpose. 


BECOMING GALACTIC based on the life of author Sherry Wilde begins filming July.


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